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Welcome to WordAds: the leading advertising optimization platform for WordPress sites, where  the internet’s top ad suppliers bid against each other to deliver their ads to your site, maximizing your revenue.

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Now you can join the WordAds program using Jetpack.


How WordAds delivers higher revenue

WordAds adds advertisements to the bottom of every post and page on your WordPress site. Over 50 internet advertisers — including Google AdSense & Adx, AppNexus, Amazon A9, AOL Marketplace, Yahoo, Criteo, and more — bid to display their clients’ ads in WordAds spots. With so many advertisers competing to display their ads on your site, we ensure that your sites get ads that generate the highest revenue. And since we do all the negotiating, all you need to do is publish on your site and collect your payouts.

Why do companies compete so aggressively for WordAds?

WordAds displays ads on tens of millions of websites, reaching over one billion people a month. With our proven track record of partnering with high quality websites, advertisers love competing for our ad spots. We’ve now opened the WordAds platform to self-hosted WordPress sites through Jetpack — which means millions of additional advertising opportunities, making the platform even more attractive to advertisers and driving up bids — and revenue.

We do the work, you collect the payout.

You don’t have to understand code to add WordAds to your site. We take care of that part too! You can start generating income with just a few clicks. To get started, fill out our application. Now, Premium or higher plan users and those with a Jetpack Security or Complete plan are automatically accepted!

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