WordAds is a new service from that extends our advertising scale and know-how to eligible sites. We believe it is a special partnership between the largest Internet publishing platform and our users. The team at WordAds are very excited about the potential to help our publishers to earn income from their sites with high quality ads and strong rates from advertisers.

Starting in January 2012, WordAds has been running a closed beta program and now has thousands of sites successfully launched.

The WordAds program is designed to enable site owners to focus on their content and to turn to WordAds to manage advertising for them. We are a team of experienced online advertising professionals, designers, engineers and support staff who are building a unique ad program. Part of what makes WordAds unique is that because is our responsibility, we share with our site owners an understanding of what publishers want in advertising. In contrast, other advertising partners are not publishers and have a harder time relating.

Managed Advertising Optimization

With traditional advertising relationships a publisher or blogger has two relationships and platforms – one for publishing and the other for advertising. WordAds combines the two partnerships into one. We believe that this combination reduces conflicts of interest. WordAds wants you to maximize your earnings potential and have the best publishing experience possible.

Other third party advertising programs generally have the best interests of the advertisers in mind ahead of the best interests of the publisher. WordAds is constantly testing new ad programs.  When we find a new advertising partner that will increase payments and have strong ad quality we will include them in our mix.

WordAds Focus

  • Top rates. Because is one of the top global Web sites, we have been able to negotiate good terms with advertisers that we can pass on to our sites via WordAds.
  • Ads look good on your theme. After working with thousands of WordAds users on hundreds of WordPress themes, we have determined the best placements to guarantee the highest revenue and most reliable compatibility across most WordPress themes.
  • Time savings. Online advertising is time consuming to manage. One must manage ads globally in multiple languages as well as in channels including mobile and Web. Additionally collecting income from advertising can be time consuming. WordAds has a team of engineers, designers, product managers, support and accounting staff to give you what we think is the best ads program available.

WordAds Creative

WordAds optimized a variety of creative ads depending on which geography a visitor is from, whether the visitors are from a desktop or mobile device and more. Here are some of the video ads that have run on WordAds sites:

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