For Publishers

WordAds, available through and Jetpack Ads, extends our advertising scale and know-how to eligible sites. We think of WordAds as a special partnership between the web’s largest publishing platform and our users. WordAds and Jetpack Ads help our publishers earn income from their sites with high-quality ads and strong rates from advertisers.

Many publishers face a dilemma: should they work with one ad partner — or several?

  • With one ad partner, you gain simplicity but lose the advantages of competition — including better data on your performance and potential revenue. It’s also common in online advertising for individual partners to pause ads, leaving you with no advertising income.
  • Multiple partners offer the benefits of healthy competition, but they often become complicated to manage. They also require resources that most publishers can’t afford: an ad server, anti-malware and brand-safety tools, as well as design work and advertising optimization.

First launched in January 2012, WordAds now has tens of thousands of bloggers and publishers earning revenue from their sites.

The WordAds program enables site owners to focus on their content and leave advertisement management up to us. We’re a team of experienced online-advertising professionals, designers, engineers, and support staff devoted to building and improving a unique ad program. We are responsible for running advertisements on, which means we always rely on our deep understanding of site owners’ and publishers’ advertising needs.

Managed Advertising Optimization

With traditional advertising relationships, a publisher or blogger needs two platforms – one for publishing and the other for advertising. WordAds combines the two partnerships into one. This combination resolves potential conflicts of interest: we want you to maximize your earnings potential and have the best publishing experience possible.

We have your — the publisher’s — interest in mind above all other considerations. And we never stop working to maximize your earning potential: WordAds is constantly testing new ad programs to find new partners who offer higher payments and better ad quality.

Our Focus

  • Top rates. Because is one of the top-ranked global websites, we’ve been able to negotiate good terms with advertisers. With WordAds or Jetpack Ads, your site can benefit from the same favorable terms.
  • Ads that fit within your site’s design. After working with tens of thousands of WordAds users on hundreds of themes, we’ve optimizied ad placements to guarantee both the highest revenue and the best compatibility across all themes.
  • Time savings.  Online advertising is time-consuming. Ads require a global approach that supports multiple languages, works for both desktop and mobile visitors, and collects revenue from advertisers. With WordAds, we take of all of that for you.

WordAds Creative

WordAds optimizes a variety of creative ads depending on a visitor’s geographic location, whether they use a desktop or mobile device, and more. Here are some of the video ads that have run on WordAds sites:

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