Benchmarking Results Reveal WordAds Bests Others by 2 to 1

The WordAds team wanted to understand how each advertising partner compared to WordAds in terms of monetizing inventory and driving yield for publishers. WordAds aggregates and holistically evaluates demand from more than 50 programmatic partners. WordAds provides full yield monetization and demand mediation services to help publishers extract the greatest yield for every impression. We… Read More

Get Your WordAds Blocks

In December of 2018, launched the first major update to it editor in more than 5 years, called Gutenberg. With this update, millions of independent content creators using the WordPress platform gain access to the most modern editing and self-publishing tools. Leveraging simple block architecture, Gutenberg empower creators to build engaging content by inserting,… Read More

Understanding WordAds Earnings Fluctuations

One of our ad buyers recently paused their partnership with us. This will lead to some WordAds sites experiencing a decline in their earnings this month. The WordAds platform is not dependent on a single buyer, and other buyers have started taking up the slack already. So the model is working but we wanted to… Read More

Introducing Daily Stats

Starting today, all WordAds users can access daily stats on their ads performance from the Stats dashboard on This has been the #1 feature request we’ve received from users, and we’re excited to roll this out for everyone during the peak season for advertising. Now, site owners will be able to view daily snapshots… Read More

WordAds Wins Product of The Year Award

The WordAds team is excited and grateful to have won ExchangeWire’s 2018 Best New Product or Service. We won this for our brand safety system. This system allows us to flag web pages that advertisers do not feel is brand safe (pages with violence, adult material, etc.) How does this benefit WordAds publishers? If you… Read More

WordAds Now With Ads In Email Subscriptions

The WordAds team has now launched paid advertising in email subscriptions. This is a new channel for WordAds sites to increase earnings. This feature requires nothing from WordAds sites on Site owners who want to opt out can simply make a support request. We plan to roll out to Jetpack Ads users as well…. Read More

The GDPR and Your Earnings

The European regulatory initiative called GDPR is meant to provide Internet users with greater control over their privacy. It went into effect recently on May 25, 2018. Depending on where your users live it could have a meaningful impact on your earnings. How does GDPR impact earnings? The first question to ask is do you… Read More