Benchmarking Results Reveal WordAds Bests Others by 2 to 1

The WordAds team wanted to understand how each advertising partner compared to WordAds in terms of monetizing inventory and driving yield for publishers.

WordAds aggregates and holistically evaluates demand from more than 50 programmatic partners. WordAds provides full yield monetization and demand mediation services to help publishers extract the greatest yield for every impression. We know that every WordAds site has options and they can run ads from other advertising partners so how does WordAds compare?

We set-up a test that would randomly select a statistically significant percentage of impression opportunities and give those to certain demand partners exclusively. Any time a partner was unable to fill the impression, an ad would be served at $0 revenue. We then extrapolated the revenue each demand partner was able to generate up to 100% and compared the results across all partners and to WordAds. 

In all cases, WordAds generated more revenue by at least a factor of 2:1 than the other demand partners tested, which included Oath, AppNexus, Pubmatic,, and Google AdSense.

What does this mean for site owners who run WordAds? Our take-away is that WordAds is delivering value by managing the auctioning of the 50 advertising partners. A site owner might seek to replicate the WordAds system but it would cost them a great deal to build the auctioning system, sign agreements with 50 ad partners and much more that the WordAds team does behind the scenes.


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