Augment Ads Earnings with Simple Payments

Earlier this year, the Simple Payments button became available for both sites and self-hosted sites using the Jetpack plugin. With Simple Payments, site owners can create and embed credit and debit card payment buttons with minimal setup:

Thousands of site owners are already using Simple Payments — in four months, they accepted over $500,000 in payments. If you missed the announcement or just aren’t sure whether payment buttons will work on your site, we highly recommend giving it a try! Anyone selling good or services — or who just wants to accept donations or tips — can use Simple Payment Buttons to accept payments without going through the work of setting up a full e-commerce site.

Adding a button is as easy as adding a photo to a post or page:

Add images or descriptions of what buyers are getting to complete the experience. Use Simple Payments to sell physical products, accept payments for memberships or services, sell tickets to events, accept donations for your non-profit, and more.

There’s some great inspiration and examples here and here. handles all the transaction details, so all you have to do is collect the payments from your PayPal account — it’s basic e-commerce made simple, and a great way to boost the revenue your site brings in.

Give Simple Payments a try today!

For detailed instructions, visit our support documentation.






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Earn Revenue by Referral: Promote, Jetpack, or Pressable to Your Visitors.

We’re expanding the focus of the WordAds program beyond ads to include referrals. Now, with the Affiliate Program, you have the opportunity to earn revenue by promoting, Jetpack, and Pressable to your site visitors.

How it works
1. Create an account at
2. Grab your affiliate code.
3. Publish a blog post promoting, Jetpack, Pressable — or all three — and earn 20% of the sale price when your referrals purchase any of our products.

Revenue potential
As referral sales occur, you can track your earnings through your affiliate account. Here’s what you can expect to earn per referral. (Note: all figures are in $US dollars.)

  • Personal plan: $36 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $7.
  • Premium plan: $99 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $20.
  • Business plan: $299 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $60.

Here’s a sample sponsored post plus a sample tweet you can copy and publish on your site to promote


  • Personal plan: $39 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $8.
  • Premium plan: $99 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $20.
  • Business plan: $299 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $60.

Here’s a sample sponsored post plus a sample tweet you can copy and publish on your site to promote Jetpack.


  • The 5 site plan: $250 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $50.
  • The 10 site plan: $450 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $90.
  • The 20 site plan: $900 annually. Referral payout per purchase: $180.

Here’s a sample sponsored post plus a sample tweet you can copy and publish on your site to promote Pressable.

Want to write your own copy for the post or localize it for your language and readers?
Great. Please keep in mind these terms if you write your own post:

  1. We ask you to write a minimum of 250 to 300 words of unique copy.
  2. Please make sure that the title of the post starts with the words Sponsored Posts.
  3. Please also include a disclosure line underneath the article that mentions the brandname, either “Post sponsored by brandname” or “This post has been sponsored by brandname, but all thoughts are our own”.
  4. Please note that all posts need to be clearly marked as sponsored, and associated tweets should be marked as ‘ad:’, using the first three characters of the tweet.

What’s the best way to promote?
1) Copy the draft post we provide and post it on your blog. Be sure you insert your unique affiliate ID so that we can track your referral sales. (Post about, Jetpack, Pressable, — or all three — the choice is yours.)
2) Write your own custom sponsored post — again be sure to include your affiliate ID so we can track your referral sales.
3) Use social media channels such as your Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote the products. For Facebook you can use the same sample sponsored posts above.
4) Need some sponsored post ideas? Be sure to follow the Blog, Jetpack News, and the Pressable Blog for the latest tips and new features.”

Any questions?
If you’ve got questions, write to us at using this form.

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SPONSORED: WordPress Hosting Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Need a WordPress host you’ll love? Here’s why you should choose Pressable:

  • Built-in performance. Pressable sites are automatically optimized for peak performance, making them blazing fast. And, Premium CDN is included with every plan.
  • Automatic updates. Pressable handles WordPress and security updates automatically so you don’t have to.
  • Traffic scaling. Getting featured on TechCrunch or CNN? No problem. Pressable easily scales to handle up to 20x your daily traffic.
  • Nightly backups. Pressable automatically backs up your site every night at no additional cost so you can sleep at night, knowing your site is safe and secure.
  • Expert support. Pressable support is on call to help — 24 hours a day. No need to search forums and blogs for the answers you need.

Check out plans and pricing and sign up for Pressable Managed Hosting today.

Sample Tweet:

Sponsored. Pressable managed WordPress hosting rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

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SPONSORED: The Features and Flexibility to Build Your Audience or Customer Base

No matter whether you want to earn money from your blog or build a website to promote your business and reach your customers, has got you covered:

Here’s why is the best place to create your website or blog:

  • WordPress powers over 27% of the web, so your site joins the ranks of big names like The New York Times, CNN, and many more.
  • Get a custom domain name to claim your special address on the web.
  • Choose from among free and premium themes to create the perfect look for your site.
  • Broadcast and re-share your posts to promote your brand on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Attend live courses offered by our Happiness Engineers to get the most out of your site.

Check out plans and pricing and sign up for today.


Tweet Example

Sponsored. The Features and Flexibility to Build Your Audience or Customer Base. WordPress powers 27%+ of the web.

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SPONSORED: Jetpack: Grow and Secure your WordPress Site

Jetpack combines the most popular features of into a super-powered plugin for your self-hosted WordPress site:

  • Automated site backups, easy restores, and site migrations
  • Security scanning and automated fixes
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Earn revenue with a high-quality ad program
  • High speed and ad-free content deliver network
  • Support from the a global team of WordPress experts.

Check out plans and pricing and sign up for Jetpack today.

Tweet Example

Sponsored: Get Jetpack: Security, Stats, and Social Sharing — All in One WordPress Plugin.

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Launch of Jetpack Ads Enhances WordAds’ Value

We are very excited that Jetpack Ads has launched in Jetpack 4.5. Jetpack is the most broadly used WordPress plugin. Now self-hosted WordPress sites with a premium plan can easily launch and manage ads.

Since the launch, thousands of great WordPress sites have launched Jetpack Ads. Jetpack Ads are a sister product to WordAds and are sold together to advertisers.

The launch is beneficial to all WordAds users as when we grow our ad inventory large ad buyers become more interested.

Jetpack Ads is instantly available to all users who have purchased the Jetpack Premium plan — no approval process required. Once you’ve purchased the plan, activate the feature in the Engagement tab within Jetpack. You’ll start seeing ads on your site right away, and can tweak ad placement settings and view your earnings on

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Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, and Dozens More Buying From WordAds

There are more than 60 partners bidding on WordAds including Google’s AdSense, Google AdX and Facebook Ads. Other well known buying partners include Aol, Yahoo, and

The WordAds team fields questions about WordAds vs. AdSense and we wanted to clarify that with WordAds you get Adsense.

What the WordAds platform does through our real time bidding platform is to strive for perfect competition for the advertising value of your site.

For example, if a mobile visitor from Canada is seen as most valuable to Facebook advertising, they will pay the highest rate to serve ads to that visitor.

Our twin primary goals at WordAds are to a) maximize your earnings potential b) remove the hassles of managing ads. A bidding environment with 60 companies buying in real time is very complex undertaking and we believe WordAds is succeeding at shielding you from this work so that you can focus on what you care about most – your site and audience.


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AdControl Plugin Is Here!

WordAds has been a hit with publishers and WordPress VIPs who further embraced it after we launched WordAds 2.0. Today we are excited to announce that WordAds is available to any WordPress site via the AdControl plugin.

Built specifically for WordPress sites that want to earn income from advertising, WordAds is built for simplicity, allowing bloggers to focus on blogging and leave the monetization to your WordAds partner.

Adcontrol screenshot

If you have  a self-hosted sites there are four steps to get going with Wordads:

  1. Apply here at
  2. Download and install the AdControl plugin here.
  3. Make sure that the Jetpack plugin is installed.
  4. Complete setup questions in your WordPress dashboard under Settings > WordAds

More questions? Check the WordAds FAQ here.


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Introducing WordAds 2.0

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a new WordAds. On the front end, it’s a simpler and more streamlined experience like never before. On the back-end we have launched a real-time bidding platform to maximize earnings and ad creative control. Say hello to WordAds 2.0!

WordAds 2.0 is now fully integrated where you control the rest of your blog, in’s main Settings interface. You can also view your Earnings reports here and manage your payout information.

Screen Shot


Existing WordAds users aren’t the only ones to benefit from the changes in WordAds 2.0. For new users, we have done away with the separate application process. Any family friendly blog with minimal page views will be considered for immediate admission to WordAds.

Bigger changes are now live in our real time bidding environment. We have dozens of ad agencies and buyers bidding in real time on each of our global ad impressions. More competition means that we make the most of your earnings potential.We have also implemented advanced contextual mapping so that advertisers have data on the topics of each of your pages.

Screen Shot

We’ve been hard at work on WordAds 2.0 and are really excited to finally show it off to all of you. These are some big changes, but we have even more on the way, and are already thinking about what to add for WordAds 2.1. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Happiness Engineers.


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Do You Read The Daily Post?


Photo Credit: trekkyandy cc

Whether you’re just blogging as a hobby or blogging as your full-time job, there is one common principle amongst all advertising, and it’s that a larger audience will always yield more revenue. The best way to grow your audience is to increase the quality and engagement of your site, and for that we have The Daily Post, a site dedicated to getting the most out of your own site.

First, check out our free eBook, Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog, a compendium of our best pieces related to building your audience. If you’re looking for more direct instruction, follow along with Blogging U, where you’ll find courses to improve the quality of your site, engage a larger audience, and therefore boost your revenue.

At The Daily Post, you’ll also find posts on principles of design like clarity and color harmony, posts encouraging you to try new things like experimenting with formats and identifying your style, posts encouraging you to engage with your audience by giving your comments a boost and of course dealing with trolls, and a weekly community pool where you can dive in to get feedback on your work.

As for us, we’re still hard at work on WordAds 2.0, which we alluded to back in December. We are so eager to get this update launched, but we want it to be perfect, and we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

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