Get Your WordAds Blocks

In December of 2018, launched the first major update to it editor in more than 5 years, called Gutenberg. With this update, millions of independent content creators using the WordPress platform gain access to the most modern editing and self-publishing tools. Leveraging simple block architecture, Gutenberg empower creators to build engaging content by inserting, rearranging, and styling multimedia content with very little technical knowledge.

WordAds is now releasing an additional enhancement to the Gutenberg editor, called WordAds Blocks. Using the same block design and architecture, WordAds Blocks allows content creators to connect their content and ad placements in a more user-friendly and intuitive way. Content creators can decide where and how many ads they want to display on a given article page, what kind of ads (display or native), and when and how frequently the ads should appear – all with a few clicks.

WordAds then sources programmatic demand from our own supply side platform (SSP), which is plugged into 75 buying platforms, to fill the ads and create revenue for publishers. WordAds Blocks gives publishers much greater power and flexibility over their ads business, while also creating huge pockets of new native inventory for brand and agency buyers.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 12.17.04 PM.png

You can read about this release in Jetpack here.


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