The GDPR and Your Earnings

The European regulatory initiative called GDPR is meant to provide Internet users with greater control over their privacy. It went into effect recently on May 25, 2018. Depending on where your users live it could have a meaningful impact on your earnings.

How does GDPR impact earnings?
The first question to ask is do you have a meaningful percentage of your site visits from the European Union (EU)? If you don’t, you shouldn’t see a significant negative impact on earnings.

If you do have EU traffic, you could potentially see a steep slide in your earnings. But you can take action to protect your earnings.

In general, WordAds tries to show personalized ads to your visitors because those ads pay at much higher rates. Prior to GDPR, WordAds displayed personalized ads to your EU visitors without having to first consent to ads related tracking. Going forward we will only show personalized ads to EU users who have given us their consent.

How do I get consent from users?

To get consent from your EU visitors to show personalized ads, you will need to install our Cookies & Consent widget on your site. This will display a consent banner that allows your site’s users to opt into ads related tracking.

When your visitors consent to ads related tracking, advertisers will bid at far higher levels. The consent gives advertisers access to information indicating whether or not a visitor is likely to be interested in their product.

Important Notice
Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the relevant applicable laws in your jurisdiction. This widget is designed to help you take steps towards this, but is not offered as a guaranteed or complete solution for compliance with the GDPR or other laws applicable to you.

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