Introducing Daily Stats

Starting today, all WordAds users can access daily stats on their ads performance from the Stats dashboard on

This has been the #1 feature request we’ve received from users, and we’re excited to roll this out for everyone during the peak season for advertising. Now, site owners will be able to view daily snapshots of ads served (impressions), average CPM (revenue per 1,000 ad impressions), and revenue. Even better, you can roll these stats up into the weekly, monthly, or yearly view to spot larger trends as you tune your monetization strategy.


  1. I really like this addition! Just one question, do the earnings for daily stats change after they’ve been posted? Asking because I notice that November hasn’t been added to the WordAds tab yet, but you could just check the stats under “Months”, unless that value is due to change.

    1. Just one question, do the earnings for daily stats change after they’ve been posted?

      The stats shown are updated daily with the most current information we have available, which is an estimate of earnings. We receive reports from advertisers on a rolling basis throughout the month, so you may see the stats fluctuate slightly during this time. Once a month’s earnings are posted to the table below the chart, they’re finalized and that is the amount you’ll be paid.

  2. Hi, Wordads team. You really killed the competition. What a nice approach to understand overall ad Monetization performance on site. Nice stat. I really liked it.

  3. Is there a blog post or simply just an explanation of what the Stats mean on the Ads portion? I understand the ads served but the Average CPM and Revenue just don’t quite make sense since they seem so random and not very related…. Thanks for the update though!

    1. Homer,

      Average CPM is the approximate amount of revenue you can expect for every 1000 ad impressions. You can use that number and the Ads Served number to calculate (roughly) your revenue, although we already show that for you as well.

      For example, using the screenshot in the post, we can see that the site in question has 127,562 ads served. Due the geographic makeup of the site’s visitors and other factors, each 1000 impressions is worth $0.45. Doing the math, we can get an estimate of the revenue: 127562 / 1000 = 127.562 * 0.45 = $57.40. This is fairly close to the actual revenue of $57.02.

      Does that make sense? Let me know if not. 🙂

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