Plugin Setup


Please note that you will need to have Jetpack installed and activated with at least the Stats module activated before proceeding. Please see this for Jetpack installation instructions.

As a participant in our plugin’s private beta program, you’ll be given a copy of our plugin by one of our associates. To install the plugin, upload it via Plugins -> Add New -> Upload in your blog’s Dashboard, then activate it.

To finish setup, fill out the settings as desired (see the detailed Settings section below) at Settings -> AdControl in your blog’s Dashboard and enter your payment details at the Disbursement Settings page.



In the basic settings, you’ll be able to turn WordAds on/off and choose to hide them from logged-in viewers. These only control the ads from WordAds.

You’ll also need to agree to the WordAds Terms of Service before the ads from WordAds display.


If you checked the “Enable Advanced Settings” box in the previous settings tab, you’ll see a new Advanced Settings tab. Here, you can enter your AdSense Publisher ID for additional ads from Google AdSense and “Include AdSense Leader” for a larger leaderboard ad from AdSense

Fill out the “Include AdSense Fallback” section to load AdSense when there is no ad from WordAds to run for a particular impression.

Enabling Amazon Matchbuy displays additional ads from Amazon, but requires approval from Amazon before their ads appear.



If you would like to place an ad in your sidebar or other widget area, just add the AdControl AdSense Sidebar widget via Appearance -> Widgets in your blog’s Dashboard.

Other Things

Earnings are posted between the second and third weeks of the following month to your Earnings page, and payment is always made to the PayPal address you have provided in your Disbursement settings on the last business day of the month once you have accumulated over $100 in earnings.

If you have any further questions, please stop by our Plugin FAQ and contact us if you can’t find any answers there.