Publisher Profile: MyNintendoNews

Can you tell us a bit about yourself including when and why you launched

I was studying Web Design and Internet Management at University and participated in a module entitled Writing for the Web. One of the aims of this course was to create a blog on a subject we were passionate about. For me, this was Nintendo. Since then I’ve concentrated on building the site up and have made it my number one priority to provide the users with the news that they want to read.

Your traffic has grown from around 100,000 pages per month a year ago to over 1 million pages per month now as well as lots of comments. What would you say accounts for that growth?

I was fortunate enough to jump onto the social networks at just the right time. Due to this I have built up a substantial following on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to take advantage of the free social networks that are at your disposal. Another factor is that the news I publish is clear and concise, and I believe that’s important when you take into account the audience and the demographic that the blog is aimed at.

You were one of the few WordAds bloggers to launch in its first month. What has been your experience thus far?

There were initially a few teething issues with WordAds when it was deployed on the site, as it was still in its infancy. I’m pleased to say that the adverts that are currently being displayed are of an extremely high quality and are also appealing to the users. The
adverts aren’t intrusive and ultimately they don’t get in the way, or detract from the blog’s content – which for me is the most important thing.

You have the option to leave What are the reasons that you are staying?

I strongly believe that WordPress remains the number one blogging platform for anyone considering starting up their own blog . The great thing about WordPress is it’s simple to use and yet there’s so much depth. I love the fact that you guys are continuously improving the service and adding new features. The support you can get is phenomenal considering the service is absolutely free. I’m extremely happy to be a user.