Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, and Dozens More Buying From WordAds

There are more than 60 partners bidding on WordAds including Google’s AdSense, Google AdX and Facebook Ads. Other well known buying partners include Aol, Yahoo, and

The WordAds team fields questions about WordAds vs. AdSense and we wanted to clarify that with WordAds you get Adsense.

What the WordAds platform does through our real time bidding platform is to strive for perfect competition for the advertising value of your site.

For example, if a mobile visitor from Canada is seen as most valuable to Facebook advertising, they will pay the highest rate to serve ads to that visitor.

Our twin primary goals at WordAds are to a) maximize your earnings potential b) remove the hassles of managing ads. A bidding environment with 60 companies buying in real time is very complex undertaking and we believe WordAds is succeeding at shielding you from this work so that you can focus on what you care about most – your site and audience.


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6 Responses to Google AdSense, Facebook Ads, and Dozens More Buying From WordAds

  1. Dennis says:

    Thank you for keeping the service alive. I am happy since a long time, minor issues could always been resolved by the support, as same as I got questions answered. I just hope the rates would go a bit up again, it’s been better in the past. But anyway, overall I am very happy.

  2. motomazine says:

    Hope that our impressions and earning are significant (again)

  3. This is awsome. I just joined yesterday. But I want to ask, will I earn meaningful earnings with most of my visitors from Africa, Nigeria to be precise. I also have about 500 daily visitors from USA and 450 from UK. Thanks.

    • Jon Burke says:

      Advertisers don’t put a high dollar value on visitors from Africa so it’s not realistic to earn meaningful earnings I’m afraid.

  4. Yuvonne Chen says:

    When will the earnings for feb 2017 be released?

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