Augment Ads Earnings with Simple Payments

Earlier this year, the Simple Payments button became available for both sites and self-hosted sites using the Jetpack plugin. With Simple Payments, site owners can create and embed credit and debit card payment buttons with minimal setup:

Thousands of site owners are already using Simple Payments — in four months, they accepted over $500,000 in payments. If you missed the announcement or just aren’t sure whether payment buttons will work on your site, we highly recommend giving it a try! Anyone selling good or services — or who just wants to accept donations or tips — can use Simple Payment Buttons to accept payments without going through the work of setting up a full e-commerce site.

Adding a button is as easy as adding a photo to a post or page:

Add images or descriptions of what buyers are getting to complete the experience. Use Simple Payments to sell physical products, accept payments for memberships or services, sell tickets to events, accept donations for your non-profit, and more.

There’s some great inspiration and examples here and here. handles all the transaction details, so all you have to do is collect the payments from your PayPal account — it’s basic e-commerce made simple, and a great way to boost the revenue your site brings in.

Give Simple Payments a try today!

For detailed instructions, visit our support documentation.







  1. I hope you guys don’t forget cryptocurrencies. For example, I wish you would work on an option that those who show ads can receive payments in Ethereum for example. I hope you have the constantly growing cryptocurrency market on your radar as well 🙂

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